Review: Walleva Lenses for Oakley Half Jacket XLJ & Half Jacket 2.0 XL


My review will focus on the following areas on a 1 to 10 scale:

  • Cost
  • Tint
  • Clarity
  • Performance during Reading Greens
  • Performance during hot/humid Michigan summer heat
  • Performance during overcast rounds
  • Let's start with the easiest first..


10 out of 10
These lenses are considerably less expensive than buying Oakley replacement lenses.  At the cost of $20-25 a pair compared to $110 a pair for the Oakley lenses, there isn't even a comparison.  The crazy thing is that you can get polarized lenses for that much less!


9.0 out of 10
The Walleva lenses might be a shade or two lighter than the original Oakleys, but you'd be hard pressed to tell unless you're staring straight at the sun.  Once I got a sunny day out on the course, I found that I actually liked the brighter view.  



8.5 out of 10

The Walleva lenses are nearly flawless in clarity as well.  As I mentioned before the brighter view with slightly less tint allowed me to clearly see the fairways, rough, trees, & hazards. It was extremely  easy to follow a ball through the air.  The only knock against these lenses was occasionally if the light hit an object just right, you almost got a bit of a reflection.  It was almost as if the object was mirrored or outlined, kind of tough to explain but it only happened a few times.

Green Reading
10 out of 10
The clarity of these lenses really lends themselves to reading greens.  Many times with my original Oakleys I would have to take off my glasses to see the subtle breaks.  With the Wallevas it was as if Iwas playing Tiger Woods on PlayStation, you could see all the contours of the green & the line of the putt  just appears.  I've been wearing these for a couple months now & rarely take them off when putting.

9.5 out of 10
At some point in time this summer, no matter where we are, we have all played in the sweltering heat.  I don't want to get into an argument of whose state has more humidity or the difference of a "Dry Heat", bottom line hot is hot!  This summer we had our fair share of 90 degrees, 90% humidity days.  Usually, this means constantly wiping the sweat from your brow and constantly trying to clean your sunglasses.  The Wallevas stood up to the test, these lenses actually repel water & sweat.  I don't believe my original Oakleys repelled water, they actually seems to absorb sweat but that could have something to do with their age.  Cleaning the Wallevas was simple, just wipe them down with a microfiber towel or lens cloth.  There were only a couple times when the lenses got grimy enough that I had to run them under hot water to get rid of the skin oils, but that was usually after 27 or 36 holes.



10 out of 10
In my opinion, this is where sunglasses prove their worth.  Shading your eyes from the sun is great but what about cloudy days?  How are you able to follow the ball through the sky?  Do you constantly have to put on or take off your shades?I now wear my sunglasses all the time on a cloudy overcast day.  These are so much better than the expensive Oakley lenses, I can't even describe it.  It's as if you have a Pro-Tracer built into the lenses, balls are so easy to follow its incredible.


Bottom Line

If you're in the market for replacement lenses, you really have to give Walleva a try.  Their performance is fantastic& the prices are unbelievable!

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