Review: Walleva Replacement Lenses For Oakley GasCan Sunglasses



This review is for a box of Walleva lenses in Blue, Green, Purple and Black for my Oakley GasCan frames that I've used in multiple reviews already.


Day to day, these are good performers. I normally like my lenses a little darker since I have sensitive eyes, but they are certainly acceptable. These four pair of lenses mostly have a neutral viewing tint. A much better tint than any other polarized sunglasses or lenses I own. The black and purple ones are a little darker than the green or blue ones. The black ones are probably the darkest. I like my black lenses really dark, and these are pretty close to how I like them.


The clarity on these lenses is a notch down from the high end ones, but those cost 3-4 times as much.These are plenty good to drive with, which is the use case where I want the most clarity. I almost like them more walking the dog than with my more expensive shades, because I'm soaking in the world without a heavy green, brown or rose colored tint.

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