Review: Mr. Shield Lenses For Oakley GasCan



Build Quality

These seem to be well made lenses, with no glitches in the coating or aberrations that I could detect with my eyeballs. I do not like logos on the outside of my lenses, but all the high end ones have it.At least I have to strain my eyes almost to the point of pain to see the logo in the top-left part of my vision.Not doing any formal scientific testing, the best guess I can make about quality comes from comparing these lenses to all the other lenses I have, and putting the sunglasses on my face and going out into the world.




Fit & Finish

Overall, perfect. I don't like giving perfect scores in any category to anything I review, but I just can't find anything wrong with these lenses.

A couple pair of my higher end Revant lenses are really close to this pair in clarity, but this pair leads the pack in fit and finish. The stock USA-made lenses my GasCans came with were awful, but at least they fit perfectly. So, thank you, Walleva, for showing it can be done even though your factory pumps out lenses for hundreds of different frames.


I've looked and looked and even after wearing them every day for a month and dropping them on the ground at least once a day, they look perfect. I don't like etched logos, but the etching at least looks crisp on the left lens.

Another thing I look for is aberrations with the lens coating thickness, color or clarity, and my eyeballs can't detect any issues. It's easier to see problems with mirrored lenses versus these matted ones, but I did scrutinize them pretty well.






Even as a computer engineer in the business for two decades, I prefer to focus on the nuts and bolts like usability rather than the specs, much of which are just marketing hype. I've always prided myself on making technology accessible to people and trying to look at it from a user's perspective.Because of this philosophy, and because I'm a clumsy, oafish brute, I think I'm uniquely qualified to review sunglasses. When I'm away from home, my shades are always with me, either in my pocket or clipped to my shirt or on top of my head.


In my pocket, my sunglasses always rub up against stuff that sensitive optics should never touch like keys,flashlights, tools and such. When they are hooked to my shirt or on my head, they constantly fall off, sometimes landing on asphalt or concrete. So, I'm in an abusive relationship with everything I EDC, sunglasses included.Day to day these are awesome lenses for driving and just hanging out at barbecues and such. As the clarity of replacement lenses get better, it's almost like looking through a VR simulator because part of your brain is telling you that reality is not supposed to look this crisp. It takes a while to get used to lenses like these.


Another unexpected consequence of polarized lenses getting better and better: it's almost impossible to see the text on a phone or tablet in sunlight. It used to just be a problem with high end lenses looking at low end LCD screens, but now the high end lenses make it impossible to quickly glance at a text while you're driving. But you probably shouldn't be doing that anyway.

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